Why Organic Clothes are Better for Babies

At birth and for the first few years, the baby’s skin remains very sensitive for obvious reasons. Top among them is the immature natural protective barrier that usually develops over time.

It means, during infancy, your baby’s skin remains highly vulnerable to slightest adverse effects. And so it can easily overreact in case of stresses that would otherwise be tolerable by an adult’s skin.

In recent years, one way to address the needs of the baby’s hypersensitive skin is by going for organic clothes.

Ever heard about organic clothes shopping? It’s a hot topic any new or mum-to-be must have come across. If you have not don’t worry. Below are some reasons why your baby will be better off with organic clothes.

  • Organic baby clothes reduce exposure to chemicals

The growing and processing of cotton used in the making of organic clothes do not involve any chemicals, pesticides, or artificial additives. It means the final attire your baby will wear has no toxins or chemical residue that would cause any adverse reactions. In the end, you can forget about your baby developing sudden allergies just because of the attire they wear.

  • Organic clothing is softer hence more comfortable

Yes! Conventional baby clothes are also comfortable. But, do you know you can maximize your baby’s comfort by going for the cozier organic cotton-made alternatives. The point is- natural cotton in its pure form is nothing but very soft fibre. To some extent, chemicals can make the threads a little stiff consequently reducing the softness. Going organic, therefore, guarantees that naturally soft feel so your baby can enjoy optimal comfort.

  • Organic clothes are safer

With no chemicals, pesticides, or artificial elements used in natural fabric, any attire manufactured using organic cotton is safe for the baby. For one thing! Babies are known to put almost anything in their mouths, especially during the teething age. So, with organic clothes, you are guaranteed not only the safety of the skin but the overall well being of your child too.

  • Organic clothes last longer

Well, this is open to debate. But one thing is for sure- organic fabrics boast of a superior quality. Just like organic food, which boasts of natural freshness and wholesome nutrients, organic clothes are in their pure form with every fibre intact. And because of the natural state, you are less likely to fade drastically.

Final thoughts

Organic clothing can make a significant difference in your parenting efforts. The best part is- there is nothing to lose. You can still keep your baby dressed elegantly and comfortable, just like with conventional clothes. And don’t forget! You’ll be on the front row seat in protecting the environment, even without signing petitions or joining aggressive environmental protection campaigns. Sound great? Over to you!

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