Use and enjoy the benefits of this kintergarten app

Remini is an excellent app that has been made for small children. The app tries to help the little kids to stay at the pre schools or daycares. As the app provides a common platform for the children, the educators and the parents, it makes the process easier and meaningful.

Parents cannot sit in front of the children every time as they have to go to job, make their professional carrier and make money. On the other hand, the children must go to school to understand the basic things of life. There, the educators have a major role to play in educating the children about the basic values of life.

When the parents leave their little kids in daycares or preschools, they always remain worried about their children in that place. Are they safe? Is the preschool staffs taking care of them properly? If you read a Remini app review, you will find that it is a common platform for everyone concerned. The educators can keep their parents informed about what their kids are doing now and the parents can also feel relaxed that after seeing the picture of their children.

Nowadays, when the users of social networking sites are crossing the billionth mark it is not safe to share your child’s image on social media platforms. But Remini is a safe platform where each picture can be protected and the environment is 100% secured and private. Once the image or the video of a child is posted, his parents can decide who can see the pictures, and write messages or comments on it.

Starting its journey in 2013, Remini now has got 12,000 users and till now around 70,000 pictures have been posted on this platform. This is because Remini does not want to grow at an alarming high rate and hence they care for the privacy and safety of the child first.

As far as usage of the app is concerned, parents can start the process to set up the profile of the child. After that they can invite the friends and family and also other members of the class to become the fans of their child. On the other hand, teachers can also open a profile of the class and ask the parents of the same class who are Remini registered, to join as a member of t he same group. In this way, a teacher can create many sub groups sub classes with the respective students of the class in that group.

When a teacher tries to tag some specific information or say some important academic materials, she can tag a particular child or the particular class and share the academic material successfully. Reimi also helps the teachers to create some documents or educational assessments and they can send them to the individual parents with all necessary updates.

A teacher can also share the images and also, if any video, with the class, the parents as individual or even with the entire school if she finds it worth sharing.

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